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Dry Tears by Malphia Honwane

Dry Tears is a novel that tells a story which many women from rural parts of South Africa can relate to. To be frank, it is a story that many black Africans who have been exposed to traditional customs can well understand.

On the one hand it is a sad love story that takes place in a South African village where patriarchy is the order of the day, and on the other it is an inspirational tale urging women to take their place in society.

The novel falls under the African literature genre and shows how patriarchy can suppress women's rights and make women appear to be less important members of society.

However, the main character of the book shows that there are still strong women in the villages who refuse to bow down to traditional rules and norms that seek to abuse them and give men the upper hand in the name of culture.

This novel well qualifies to be seen as an act of feminism and comes at a time when South Africans are increasingly raising their voices to speak out against the abuse of women in society and to promote the rights of women.

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